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SIP Hardware

X1/X1P Entry-level IP Phones

Reliable. Affordable. Full-Featured

X4/X4G Mid-range IP Phones

Dual Color LCD, The Best C/P Ratio for Enterprise

X2P Call Center Phone

High C/P Ratio and Professional Design

X5S High-quality IP Phone

The Best Choice for Enterprise

X3S/X3SP/X3G Entry-level IP Phone

The Phone Designed for Internet Life

X7 Enterprise IP Phone

Elegant Designed with Cutting-edge Telephony Features

s206 IP Phone

The s206 IP Phones give you great basic features with one Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) account at a competitive, entry-level price point.

s305 IP Phone

The Sangoma s305 is a fully-featured phone with two Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) accounts at a competitive entry-level price point.

s406 IP Phone

The s406 IP Phones are full-featured SIP phones with three SIP accounts at a competitive price point.

s505 IP Phone

Designed for the most demanding user

s705 IP Phone

The s705 IP Phones are ready for the most demanding executive.

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