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The people behind BUAL believe that technology breaks down barriers and unlocks potential, making it easy for people to stay in touch where ever they are in the world and it should be greatly accessible digitally and economically to all. Thus, with that notion in mind, BUAL is passionate to strive its best to connect people using their own mobile device with an all-in-one mobile communication application that is efficient, effective and meets the economics for everybody.

BUAL is the brainchild of a collective group of people that are experts and highly experienced in the realm of telecommunication especially in Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol arena. Having been in the industry for a considerable amount of years, BUAL has found its niche market that converges between telecommunication and tourism industry. The prime value proposition of BUAL to its audiences is along the line of “convenience of staying in touch” and “supercheap international call rates” that the normal Mobile-Network-Operator (MNO) nor Mobile-Network-Virtual-Operator (MVNO) are unable to provide to their own customers in “Roaming Mode”.

With BUAL’s agility, cost-effective business model and radical digital solutions, BUAL aim to disrupt the niche it is now in specifically within South East Asian region and the Middle Eastern market. The relentless passion to drive and the opportunity that the digital pace is providing BUAL has made BUAL optimistic to achieve its inspiration within the next few years and scale beyond its target market.

BUAL acknowledges that the race between BUAL capability and technology updates is highly revolutionary and being one of the ASP license holder in Malaysia, BUAL can clearly commit and attribute its success to the strategic partnerships and the retails application users BUAL has accumulated over the years.

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