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X4/X4G Mid-range IP Phones


   4 SIP Lines
✔   HD Voice
   Dual-color Screen
   Dual Giga Ports
   30 DSS Keys
   Multi-angle Installation

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The X4/X4G is a feature-rich sip phone for business. The 4-Line IP Phone has been designed by pursuing ease of use in even the tiniest details. Dual 10/100 Mbps(X4G: 10/100/1000 Mbps) network ports with integrated PoE are ideal for extended network use. Delivering a superb sound quality as well as rich visual experience. With second DSS color screen, the IP Phone supports up to 30 DSS keys which improve work efficiency. Using standard encryption protocols to perform highly secure remote provisioning and software upgrades.


2.8” Main Color Screen + 2.4” DSS Color Screen, Smart and Friendly User Interface

The new X4/G combines the advantages of existing enterprise phone UI design experience with color screen. The UI appearance and operating experience have a qualitative leap


2 LCDs (Main + DSS)

The first dual-color screen design IP phone in VoIP industry 6 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions up to five pages at virtualized total 30 DSS keys. Carry the Function of LCD Extension Module by itself


Support EHS Wireless Headset

Support EHS Wireless Headset, Professional Enterprise VoIP phone


Web Page with Mobile Phone

Scan X4/G screen QR code to get into web page. Web page can be accessed with mobile phone at anytime, anywhere


Phone Hotspot

Several phones share one number from server and each phone has its extension number to contact/transfer/conference others


X4 Mid-range IP Phones, X4G Mid-range IP Phones